About - Joey Conti

Located in: Fredonia, NY. 20 Years Young. #TeamCannon

My photography experiences started at a very young age, I was in 5th grade when I had my first picture published in my local paper. By 6th grade I owned my first SLR camera and regularly worked for newspapers, mostly shooting sporting events. At some point in high school I decided that I just didn't want to take pictures anymore. My camera sat, untouched. For a good two years my equipment collected dust while I was busy with school, sports, work, etc... I really had no plans for what I wanted to do after high school, so I decided to take the year off and work at the family business. People asked me frequently if I was still taking pictures, I would always have to sheepishly say no. I was always referred to as "the little kid with the camera". After enough people hounding me to get back into it, I finally did, and fell in love with photography again. Over the last year and a half,  photography has led me to some pretty amazing places. Whether I'm shooting professional athletics or, photographing my favorite musicians, or working with corporations, every time I pick up my camera I'm so thankful that I get to do what I love for a living. 

-Joey Conti